Need help with that?

Headaches? Back Pain? Shoulder / Hip / Knee pain? Not moving well? We love to help..

Why we do it

Our model of Chiropractic is progressive, integrative and evidence guided, Why?

Patient Centred

No open plan rooms here… Humans are designed to do one thing at a time. Multitasking only means you do more than one thing poorly. We believe that with individualised appointment and closed rooms we can make sure that patient care is the only focus.

Evidence Guided plans

The evidence supporting physical therapies is constantly evolving and developing. We believe in applying as much evidence as we can to our clinical experience to maximise outcomes for our patients.

Integrative Approach

We work with a great team of physiotherapists, podiatrists, GPs, exercise physiologists and specialists. Chiropractic at Magill can be a great place to start with your health as after your assessment may be triaged to the best person to look after your condition.

Our Work

We mainly provide hands on treatment in the clinic, however we also can offer services such as work place assessments, health talks, work place sports team treatments.

If you like to know more please contact us.

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