Podiatrists are foot health experts who specialise in the diagnosis and management of foot and leg conditions. With 26 bones and 33 joints in each foot it’s no wonder we need an entire profession dedicated to maintaining good foot health! Conditions that affect foot health include, but are not limited to, pain in the feet and legs induced by plantar fasciitis, neuromas, tendinopathy, bunions and stress fractures, Diabetes, Arthritis, callouses and corns, warts, toenail conditions and poorly fitting footwear.

Our feet are the foundations of our body and play a large role in the stability and mobility of the knees, the hips and the spine. Because of the complex interaction between the feet and the rest of the body podiatrists often work collaboratively with other health professionals to ensure that your health and movement goals are being met.

Running Assessment

Are you a runner looking to build your distances, reduce your injuries or simply improve your performance? Look no further than a personalised Running Assessment at Adelaide Sports; one of the best tools a runner can use to ensure running related niggles are addressed and your goals are achieved.

In this comprehensive and evidence based assessment, Justin takes his patients through medical and injury history, footwear analysis, muscle testing of the lower limb using AXIT technology and a running assessment using Run Scribe Technology. This data is interpreted and summarised for you, providing you with advice on running shoes and socks, strengthening and stretching exercises and advice around any additional therapies that may be beneficial to your performance.

If you are looking at embarking on a running journey or training for an event look no further – this is for you! We are committed to your health.

Meet Our Podiatrists

Julia DiLorenzo


Julia graduated from the University of South Australia in 2009 and has spent most of her career working in private clinics in Adelaide. She has a keen interest in the science of movement in relation to foot and leg pain and utilises a range of techniques including dry needling, mobilisation, foot and leg strengthening and orthotic therapy in order to help people achieve their foot health goals. With a strong personal passion for wellbeing Julia enjoys the challenge of helping her clients move more often and more effectively – be it taking the dog for a stroll or training for a marathon!

Ella Wiltshire

Ella recently graduated from the University of South Australia and has been working in private practice ever since. If Ella’s face looks a little familiar to you then you may have recognised her from our front desk – she has been an integral part of our reception team since commencing her studies in Podiatry.

Since completing her studies, Ella has represented Adelaide Sports at Gaelic Football SA and Metro Stars Soccer team. She has a keen interest in soccer having played it from a young age herself.

Ella’s main passion lies in managing sporting injuries of the lower limb however she enjoys the diversity of all areas of podiatry including nail and skin care and other causes of foot related pain. She is committed to helping clients achieve their goals, however big or small they may be.

Outside of the clinic, you’ll find Ella on the soccer field, at the gym, walking her Labradoodle or having brunch at the hottest new spot in town!


Justin Williams

Justin completed his Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Podiatric Practice in 2017 at Latrobe University in Bendigo, Victoria. Since then he has worked in private and public settings around Victoria and New South Wales.

Justin is passionate about helping people to manage and prioritise their own foot health through exercise and footwear. He is enthusiastic about all areas of podiatry, in particular sports injuries, (football and running) chronic foot pain and nerve pain. Justin is always expanding his skill set and is keen to learn new techniques. If Justin is not at work he will be out finding a new spot to run, chasing a golf ball around or having a kick of the footy. Given Justin is a new arrival to South Australia, be sure to say g’day to him around the clinic and let him know your favourite running trails!

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Nail and skin issues

Podiatrists are able to assist you in the management of many nail and skin issues including general
toenail care, ingrown toenails, fungal toenail and skin infections and callouses, corns and warts.



Mobilisation involves gently moving a joint through it’s natural range of motion in order to decrease joint stiffness and promote better movement

Dry Needling

A treatment technique where sterile acupuncture needles are used to release trigger points in almost any your feet and legs in order to reduce muscular pain.



Prolotherapy involves a small amount of local anaesthetic and glucose being injected into joint
spaces of the feet in order to spark the body’s natural healing response. This works particularly well in joints with osteoarthritis.


Injury Triage

If your condition cannot be treated by your podiatrist you will be appropriately triaged. You will be
referred for the best modality of imaging (X-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI), with exceptional
communication with your GP and other health care practitioners a long the way.


Movement assessments for adults and children

A dynamic assessment of your walking or running style where a podiatrist uses video analysis to
better understand the forces contributing to your foot and leg pain.


Orthotics are computer generated insoles designed and made especially for your feet. Orthotics
assist in reducing foot and leg pain and help to keep you moving towards your health and wellness

Strengthening and balance exercises

Feet contain a huge number of muscles however surprisingly most of us neglect to train and
challenge them adequately. Podiatrists are able to implement balance and strengthening
programmes for the feet in order to decrease pain, improve general stability and mobility and
enhance your performance goals.

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