When you look through the internet searching for healthier options for your favorite sweet treats there are a number of traps. The common ones I find are:

– There is still a huge amount of sugar in the recipe despite being less refined. (this can be hidden in things like agave syrup)
– Sweeteners are used instead of sugar. These sweeteners are neuro-toxic are not linked to health or weight loss.
– The food is so healthy it no longer resembles food it is trying to replicate. Believe me the kale, bean and protein powder cupcakes taste nothing like a cupcake!

There are number of great things about this recipe:

– Its easier than normal pancakes
– It tastes really close to a egg based crepe
– It contains no overly processed foods / powders
– All ingredients can be found easily in most kitchens
– No added sugars, no artificial sugars

It is so good it has replaced normal pancakes in our house.


1 Banana
2 Eggs
Coconut oil / Butter for frying


1. Put eggs and banana into blender/food processor until in smooth paste
2. Heat pan until water droplets sizzle.
3. Add cooking oil/Butter
4. Then add two tablespoons of batter and cook for approx 45 seconds until base appears set then flip and finish cooking for antoher 20 secs.
5. Consume with your favorite fruit

Its seriously as easy as that! Its a great one to cook with the kids as well!