In a recent blog article we cited an article published online in the Journal SPINE. It found an adjustment to be more effective in reducing pain than a common anti-inflammatory tablet such as Voltaren. This may come as no surprise to the many of our patients who come to see us for low back pain. But how does the chiropractic adjustment work?

There is an increasing body of research developing in the neurological sciences specifically in the area of spinal manipulation. In this series of blog articles we would like to impart to you some of the science behind the chiropractic adjustment.

A study published in JOSPT looks at the possibility of blood flow changes in the brain after thoracic (mid – upper back) manipulation, possibly signifying alterations to pain processing.

Using a MRI unit the researchers revealed decreased activation in brain regions associated with pain perception following an adjustment to the mid back.

There are many physiological mechanisms at play when someone is adjusted by their chiropractor.  This study suggests the adjustment to the thoracic spine is also having an effect on the brain.

You can read the abstract at the link below:,type.1/article_detail.asp