While not technically a health app,  MindNode  can be used  a wonderful resource to ‘unload’ the mind as it provides a simplistic method of organising ones thoughts into a visual guide.  For those not familiar with mind mapping, it is a diagram used to represent an idea, project or task that radiates from a central theme. A study in 2002 found that there was some value for the use of mind maps for memory recall (1) and many psychologists have encouraged their use for problem solving. For example, if  you are prone to stress, particularly if you are juggling a complicated lifestyle, you may find it difficult to process the information you are needing to manage on a daily basis. A mind map provides the opportunity to brainstorm solutions and ‘observe’ them on a visual platform. This can help to provide clarity of thought and reduce anxiety. It may be a good idea to trial mind mapping on paper first to see if it suits you as the app is $10 and is best used on an Ipad. If you own a Mac you can also download it onto your computer. Farrand, P., Hussain, F. and Hennessy, E. (2002), The efficacy of the `mind map’ study technique. Medical Education, 36: 426–431. doi: 10.1046/j.1365-2923.2002.01205 Chiropractic at Magill is not affiliated with the application recommended in this article.